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Don't You Wish That You Were A Dinosaur Friend Too?

Yes I Do!

Official Fan Club of Dinosaur Friends
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You've wandered haplessly upon the official fan community of the Dinosaur Friends, Sem presiding as fan club PM. What? You don't know about Dinosaur Friends? It's only the best show in the entire universe! Created by the indefatigable Mo (nathaara) and Olive (iyhyki), the Dinosaur Friends craze is sweeping the nation in a slow methodical fashion. And here we have the official fan club, wherein can be found information pertaining to the show's potential web debut, the upcoming movie, and general fan squealing as we ramble about the show that will cause caused a few kids scattered about nation to fall to its knees in awe and fear of falling grapes.

Charmine and Melissa
Roserita, Semalina
Houston and Jennaben
Bob and Tommy Jones
Don't you wish that you
Were a Dinosaur Friend too?

Dinosaur Friends are prehistoric love
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