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Don't You Wish That You Were A Dinosaur Friend Too?

Yes I Do!

1/23/05 01:54 pm - semchance - Bwah!

Hullo and welcome to the Dinosaur Friends fan club! Huzzah! As today is snowy and silly, I have finally gotten around to making a fan community, as there are none already on LJ. Silly people! Don't you know that this is only the greatest thing since sliced bread? Well, actually, sliced bread wasn't all the exciting... but still! So, as the official opening gesture, I hereby declare this... open. I'll be the fan club's acting PM, as sanctioned by Our Ladies of the Way Mo and Olive. Yeah. That's about it.

Oh, and the colourbar from the infoCollapse )

And! The official movie trailer, for anyone who missed it, is here. I'm all ready for it. Are you??
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