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Don't You Wish That You Were A Dinosaur Friend Too?

Yes I Do!

7/9/06 04:06 pm - nathaara - Episode 1: Comet--Now on YouTube!

Clicky clicky!

7/19/05 03:03 pm - nathaara

From Club Earth. The DF's origin.

There may be a setback in the movie release. We cannot find our dinosaurs. We suspect that they have taken a trip to Las Vegas.

5/18/05 04:04 pm - semchance - Bwah!

Look! It's the drug short that we got the leaked the sketch for. Whoo!! Watch it! The link may be down for a bit when I'm switching it to my own account. But meh. You won't notice.

Watch it! It's LOVE! ^^

5/12/05 09:45 pm - semchance - OMGWTFBBQ LEAK!

As most of you probably know, Mo and Olive are going off together this Fri-Sat-Sun for a weekend of fun and silly. Some of you probably also know that they plan on making a DF short during their time away, partly for Mo's writing class project and partly for fun. What most of you don't know is that plot. And that I have the concept-art-type-sketches for the short. Direct from Mo. To be leaked. Leaked to YOU, the faithful members of the DF fan club.


So you can find the comic/story board here. Sorry that the quality got a little crappy when I shrunk it. It's readable enough, I think. And it's love! Yay!

4/11/05 09:25 pm - nathaara - Update on the Movie

I've started editing the actual movie--not just planning and basic outlines now. Olive and I still have lots to do. In the meantime, I'll be sure to provide you all with promotional photos and other goodies, but no more videos for a while. Sorry, I need to use it all for the actual movie now.

Length so far: 25 minutes

Also... promote, people! The community only has 4 people in it! And one of them is me... and I don't count beacuse I'm one of the makers of the thing. Spam your friends with the teaser trailers! Make our bandwidth overload! (But... not too too badly, please... o.O)
DF is begging for fans... and you can help!
promote.... promoooote

4/11/05 04:53 pm - semchance - Part Three

Okay. Here it is. The third post of DF trailers. This one was also given to me last night, but uploaded just this afternoon. Aren't you all giddy with excitement? It will make you feel ever so slightly better with it's wtf-ness. Because, while clearly a masterpiece, this one is really just plain silly.

Cross your fingers and hope for more! And please feel free to post randomness here. It's good for the community. The community loves YOOOOOOOU when you post in it.

4/10/05 10:27 pm - semchance - Two Posts, I Tell You!

Why not one post? Because this is big. Big enough for TWO posts. Instead of just one. Besides, the community could stand a little activity, ne?

I present to you, two teasers which I have stolen from Mo's stash of cool but odd DF related things been handed by Mo personally. Really.

The first one is based on the promo picture found in the previous entry. It contains opera. Turn your sound up AAAAAAAAALL the way. Teehee...

The second one contains the new movie tag. "Dinosaur Friends: They'll be your friends" is, of course, a stunningly well-crafted reference to the Crazed Hermit at some level, but mostly just a tribute to the awesome-ness which is Olive and Mo.

That is all. Good night.

4/10/05 09:38 pm - semchance - Promo Pic

I have just recieved at this very instant recieved this file from Mo herself.

It's ComingCollapse )

I'm happy now. There may also be another teaser in our future. Excitement mounting!

The movie will be around by summer... l'sigh. So far away. Until then, ysa!

1/23/05 03:07 pm - nathaara - I can't believe it

Dinosaur Friends has fans.

This is a happy day for Mo.

I love you all.

The movie will be out by the end of summer... ^^"

1/23/05 04:07 pm - semchance - New Community Stuff

Okay, so, right now it looks random. I cannot decide on a colour scheme and such because I have no base colour to go on! Nuuu!! I could just chose one or two characters for the background and draw on them, but that would be sad. Part of what makes it cool is all the colourful dinosaurs... Yeah, totally not distracted...

Can anyone give me good ideas for colours, then? Because it's starting to make my brian hurt.

*waves a flag* Huzzah for three members, by the way! Go get other random people to join, y'hear?
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